Winning At Online Blackjack

We’re willing to bet you thought this article would be about why online blackjack is better than blackjack in a brick and mortar casino. You would be wrong. Forget that explanation. Let’s see why online blackjack is better than other online casino games, namely online slots.

Online slots have a very dominant presence in online casinos and in the online gaming industry in general. Think about it. More than half of the games offered are online slot games. And, for the most part, online blackjack players have no interest in them. Online casinos are more than happy to let online slots take center stage because they make the most money. Imagine millions of people around the world spending their money on slot machines; And since slot games are designed to make money over time rather than paying it off, casinos take pleasure in letting online slots sit in the lime light and offer more slot games than other casino games.

But this is where online blackjack is best.

Online blackjack offers players a better house edge. And a better house edge means a better chance of making a profit. And who doesn’t want more money?

Compare if you like: online slots offer a 14% house edge and online blackjack offers around 4% house edge before any strategy is applied to it.

Can blackjack strategy help you reduce the 4% house edge even further? Yes it can.

The easiest blackjack strategy available for free use (and which is legal to use in any online casino) is the basic strategy. This lovely little gem of blackjack strategy tells players the most opportune move to make based on their first two cards and the dealer’s card. While this does not guarantee a win every time, it does increase the probability of a win. Over time, basic strategy can decrease the house edge to 0.5%, giving you the best edge available to players in any game.

And having a 0.5% house edge means a better chance of money in your pocket. Therefore, online blackjack is better than other online casino games. Simply because players can have better odds at online blackjack.

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Play Online Slots For Real Money

Nothing better than being able to play slots from home. Nothing.

We would know. Our team of experts have been collectively playing slot machines for a few years now, and all of us have had our fair share of trips to Las Vegas. We’re fans of shows, fancy restaurants, and variety of games, but we’re not fans of smoky casinos, rude and unapologetic travelers, and street vendors on every corner. Traveling is so expensive, too.

For that reason, we unanimously agree: we prefer to play from home or on short trips from our tablets or phones. We like the privacy, the quiet, and the less is more approach to playing real money slots.

Enjoy A Large Selection Of Games

Casino lobbies can host hundreds of games, and when that is the case, it is usually a sign that you will find games that you like. It’s also a pretty sure guarantee that you will never get bored, thanks to the variety on offer, especially since good online casinos add new titles to their lists all the time. But don’t stop at the numbers. Try some games from the software providers listed at whatever online casino you’re looking at. You will have an idea if you can enjoy your preferred style of play; If there are enough slots with the features you like.

Play On-The-Go With Your Mobile Phone

Online slot games are now optimized to look and work well on all devices. Despite the smaller screens of phones and tablets, compromise is a thing of the past when it comes to mobile gaming. Graphics will come out even in the most intricate modern slots. In addition, in any good casino it is guaranteed that you will be able to play all your favorite slots on your mobile as you would on the desktop.

Get A Big Win With Just One Spin

Real money game means real winnings! The possibility of a significant reward is always very much alive when playing for real stakes, and that is true in any game you play. While it is true that low volatility and high volatility slots have general patterns and associated behaviors, a big win is always at hand with the right amount of luck and stake.

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